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Ten Year Vamp CD: Lust

Ten Year Vamp CD: Lust

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Lust (Released 8/12/2011)

Tracks: Got 2 Me, Thinking Of Me, No Risk, Making Me Want You, Don't Be Alone With Me (2009)


"I recently became aware of this band and got their newest EP, Lust, and I absolutely adore it. I have listened to the record a million times since the first time I heard it. It still has not gotten old, and I don't think it ever will."
-Bohm Music Review

“For an Indie band working outside of the major label framework, Ten Year Vamp has been extremely successful at getting their music placed/licensed, and has even managed to chart in Billboard magazine. The band itself is as tight as a wire, and lead vocalist Debbie Gabrione is the type of front woman who can captivate an audience from the first note…. Lust opens with "Got 2 Me", an amped up love song about the power of love to turn her head. The high energy rocker is full of honest vulnerability meshed with toughness that's appealing in a 1980's Pat Benatar style. "Thinking Of Me" keeps the temp and energy going with a catchy rocker that seems ripe for use in an edgy romantic comedy. Gabrione's vocals are superlative as always, and you simply won't be able to sit or stand still.”
-Wildy's World

"Albany, New York's finest come on hard and stake their claim to a piece of the Hot 100 with an assault as willing to kiss about as often as bite."
- Rock NYC

"Ten Year Vamp's front-woman, Debbie Gabrione, stands out as a combination of strong women band leaders coached by the inspirational women to lead past generations. A new album created every year except 2009 since 2005 shows the entire band as one forged by commitment and held together with a pop-rock sound that rivals the would-be fad stars of the present.... Ten Year Vamp captures that essence of youth. It reminds me of what Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Gwen Stefani, and Hannah Montana did for their respective generations - these quick, catchy songs will rally the sense of hope in otherwise tormented teens."
- Target Audience Magazine

"Having fondly remembered the band's 2009 debut album ‘Don’t Act like You Know Me’, I have been eagerly awaiting the follow up by Ten Year Vamp. Now comes the “Lust” five-track EP, a disc that continues the impressive high-energy music that this band is becoming well known for. Driven by the charismatic lead singer Debbie Gabrione, the songs draw out their issues surrounding love and lust. It is easy to be captivated by Debbie and she sings with great heart and purpose. With a talented band alongside her, their career should continue to boom"
- Mediasearch

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