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Ten Year Vamp CD: Don't Act Like You Know Me

Ten Year Vamp CD: Don't Act Like You Know Me

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Don't Act Like You Know Me (Released 8/21/2009)

Tracks: Never Know, Stay, Say The You Made Love To Me, Pleasures (That I Call Mine), Faked It, I Don't Need, One Night Ticket, Another Try, Oh So Nice And Slowly, Call It, Rockstar, Goodbye

Songs Heard On or Used By:
MTV Real World, MTV Real World Challenge, Fox Sports, ABC Family's Switched At Birth, The Speed Channel, TLC, The Versus Channel, The Adobe Corporation, Dockers Jeans, and many more.


"Filled with catchy riffs and heavy grooves, the album easily proves that it can stand next to any top-40 album on the charts today... With a strong band dynamic, and enigmatic front woman and a business sense usually reserved for Wall Street boardrooms, Ten Year Vamp is taking the musical, and business, world by storm. With a string of catchy tunes, a good production team and a strong vision for their future, it’s only a matter of time before the band, which has opened for Lifehouse, Simple Plan and the Spin Doctors, jumps to the top of the marquee of concert halls across the country."
- Guitar International

"The band's Don't Act Like You Know Me works well as a spotlight for the band's music. Frankly I can't understand why Ten Year Vamp isn't a household name already in the music scene... this band should be headlining the shows.... For any record labels executives reading this do yourself a favor and head up to Albany, New York and sign this band, you won't be sorry."
-The CD Reviewer

“I was blown away by this band right away… The first time that I heard the lead singer Debbie Gabrione’s voice, I was hooked. They got great songs, excellent lyrics, great melodies, and like I said, Debbie’s voice just ties it all together. The album Don’t Act Like You Know Me, is solid all the way through… I ended up buying the album and wanted to play almost every song on the show today... On top of it all, Debbie is just f&%$in hot... This is a top of the UC Radio List recommendation.
- UC Radio

"Pleasures has nice rock rhythm and style, also this song glues like gum into your hair! The guitar details and the chorus lines with the choir are just fabulous!...  Of female singers I have heard in this genre, Debbie is absolute the best I ever heard!... Most bands have some ups and downs throughout their albums, but Ten Year Vamp doesn`t have any dull moments at all, but high quality and very entertaining songs all the way throughout!... I have to admit I am totally blown away by the songs from this band, and of bands in this genre, Ten Year Vamp is my absolute number one!!! I can promise fans of female fronted rock, you will get hooked on this band and music immediately, so check them out now!!! 99/100"
- MHR Today

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